Fascinating Dreams 2 for the Forum: The TV Show

by Solon Papageorgiou

There once was a boy named John. John often visited the local pawn shop to buy items at a discount.

One day, at the pawn shop, he discovered a beautiful book titled Reward. He bought it and started reading the book that night. The book was about a game in which the contestant had to perform a repulsive action to be rewarded. The book was magical, and his surroundings began to blur while John read. He entered the text.

A funny-looking person wearing a weird hat asked John if he wanted to play, and John replied that he did. He liked the idea of receiving an excellent reward. Suddenly, John appeared in the middle of a glamorous TV show. There were lights, judges, and contestants. There would be multiple challenges John needed to pass on this game show. After each, he would receive a reward. 

John’s first challenge was to kiss a gay boy. The poor boy had an illness and was suffering. John was straight, so he found the thought repulsive. However, if he kissed the gay boy, John would be rewarded with the kiss of a beautiful girl. The boy was ill, so John kissed him out of kindness. Suddenly, a beautiful girl appeared in the room and kissed John. The judges congratulated John and said he passed the challenge, so he moved to the next challenge.

The next challenge started. Many ill gay boys neared John and asked him for a kiss. This time, the reward would be a marriage to a beautiful girl. But John thought kissing all the boys was repulsive, and he refused to kiss them. The judges booed him and said he didn’t pass the challenge.

John thought he would be removed from the magical experience, but the judges explained that he had a second chance in the Bonus Challenge. This challenge would be tough. If he passed it, he would return to the show. The judges asked John if he wanted to undertake the Bonus Challenge, and John accepted.

Suddenly, an army of ill gay boys appeared, and all wanted a kiss. If John kissed them, he would be rewarded with marriages to many girls. John didn’t like either of the possibilities, and he said no. 

The judges booed him again. The surroundings started to blur, and John appeared in the middle of his room. John was disappointed that he didn’t win the TV show, but the experience was excellent, so he didn’t mind.

The End.