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And here is the text and audio of the fairy tale:

Fascinating Dreams 6: The Ant

There was a little ant named Martha. Martha lived in an ant colony in the backyard of a large house with her queen and her brothers and sisters. It was summer when ants gathered food for the winter. The queen ordered the ants to gather food from the yard, but there was not enough food for Martha to gather because the other ants had taken it all. So Martha decided to gather food from the house. In the house, a boy named Tom lived with his parents.

Martha would crawl under the house door and enter the kitchen looking for food. Tom’s parents were kind. If they saw Martha, they would leave her in peace so she could gather food. But whenever Tom saw Martha, he would chase her away and force her to leave the house. Tom hated ants. And Tom was big and scary, so Martha would retreat and return later to try her luck again. That was Martha’s first problem.

Her second problem was a gang of spiders that regularly stole the colony’s food. All the food the ants collected during the day was stolen and eaten by the spiders at night. The spiders were bigger and stronger than the ants, and the queen did not want her ants to fight them.

One morning, Martha entered the house again. Tom was not around. She was heading to the kitchen when she heard a noise. It was coming from Tom’s bedroom. Curious, Martha went to the bedroom instead of the kitchen. In the bedroom, she saw a cage where Tom’s pet hamster was choking on his food. Martha was quick to act. She climbed into the hamster’s mouth and then into its throat. Ants are very strong, and Martha was especially strong. She found the piece of food that was choking the hamster and managed to remove it from the hamster’s throat. The pet was safe.

Tom entered his bedroom and saw Martha.

“Leave ant,” he shouted.

“No, wait,” the hamster said. “The ant saved my life.” The hamster explained to Tom what had happened. Tom’s attitude toward ants changed, and he thanked Martha. They became friends.

“From now on, you can come to my house whenever you want to collect food,” Tom said.

Martha was glad they had become friends, and then an idea crossed her mind. What if Tom helped with their spider problem? Martha explained to Tom the situation with the spiders, and Tom agreed to help.

They left the house and entered the backyard. Tom chased away the spiders. The spiders were scared of the gigantic boy. They decided to leave the yard and move to another yard.

Martha was happy their problems were solved. The queen was also happy that the spider problem was solved, and she thanked Martha and Tom.

The End