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And so, Solon Papageorgiou presents the 2nd issue of Fascinating Dreams, Fascinating Dreams 2: Still.


Synopsis: Phil finds a cube with unique abilities. Find out what happens next.



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And here is the text and audio of the fairy tale:

Fascinating Dreams 2: Still

There once was a boy named Phil. He lived in a city with his parents and their dog. Both of his parents were doctors, so his family was wealthy.

One day, on his way to the gym, where he went daily to get some exercise, Phil tripped on something. It was a Rubik’s cube, a puzzle toy. Phil picked it up, thinking that he would solve it later. After returning from the gym, he put the cube under his bed.

The following day, Phil took the cube with him to school. During his English class, he grew bored and started playing with the cube. He managed to solve it, and when he did so, the top of the cube opened, revealing a red button. Phil pressed it, and then something unique happened. The teacher and students stopped moving and talking; they were completely still!

Phil opened the classroom door and saw that, in the corridor, people were still moving and talking. So the cube had a limited range: it only affected the classroom. He closed the door, returned to his seat, and pressed the button. Everybody started moving and talking again.

Later, after his English class had ended, Phil was walking down the hallway when he bumped into Travis, the school bully. Travis started making fun of Phil. He had been bullying Phil for the past three years. Quickly, Phil pressed the button on the cube, and Travis and the surrounding kids froze. Then Phil got a bucket of paint from the art workshop and threw it on Travis. Afterward, he pressed the button on the cube, and everybody returned to normal, except that the kids were now laughing at Travis.

After school, Phil returned home. It was lunchtime. His dad was still at work; only his mom was home. She cooked lunch, and they were ready to eat. But then she started grumbling, as she often did and as she could do for a long time. So Phil pressed the button on the cube, and his mom went still. Now Phil could enjoy his meal in peace.

Phil ate, pressed the button to allow his mom to move again, and left the house soon afterward. It was time to hit the gym. He took the cube with him. But on his way to the gym, he heard screams from a store. It was a robbery! He quickly pressed the button on the cube, freezing both the thieves and the store clerk; he didn’t want the thieves to escape. Phil called the police, and as soon as they arrived, he pressed the button again so the still people could return to normal. The police officers arrested the thieves, and Phil left.

Phil hid the cube under his bed and went to bed. He was happy with his newfound superpower and decided to put it to use to help people.

The End.